Small theory of money

At the moment of birth, typical person does not observe existence of money. During early childhood person compares value of things and there is some kind of imagination, that everything does not have the same value, but the value is not measured using money. During later childhood person finds out, that the reality is dependant on money, but does not have access to money, because society wants such person to study, to prepare for transformation of time into money, money is present, but extremely limited and person finds out, there's no infinity in the world of money. Late childhood shows, that money is a priority, person gets more and more responsibility to take care of itself. Typical person lives in infinity of information, that's somehow for free (or very close to that) until that time. There's no relationship between information and money, advertisement ignoring (except for relatively rare cases) is in development for people at this age and people observe, that highest value is in real things, things that can be touched. Income is not equal at this moment for people, but is still by default low, so there's no to little possibility to make any real investment. Here comes productive part of life. There are many, that can't afford anything more than physical reality and go low in payments for information. These people deserve information for free, because these people did usually not have the right understanding and skills to obtain higher level of skills to work with information in a way that makes more money. Despite they're in productive part of their lives (and typically have some money sometimes to spend for information), it's not good to force them to pay for information, just because they may not have enough for simple survival. But there are also people who DO know how to work with information and therefore they get money. And I ask: Do I deserve some money for teaching how to work with information? Even if I teach people, who did not have the right opportunity to learn the work with information and therefore don't have money?

(yeah, of course, paradox, telling people HOW money talks doesn't generate money (I hope YET, cuz 0 here now (7/2019)) :( )