Move numbered tiles so they touch. Click on a numbered tile that's around the MNUM2 board so it moves to the furthest free space. In MNUM2, numbered tiles have to connect/touch in basic directions (top, bottom, left, right; no diagonals). If the numbered tile has number 2, 2 numbered tiles with number 2 have to be next to each one. If it's 3, 3 tiles numbered 3 have to be next to each one. And so on. If those numbered tiles touch, they disappear and points are added. If more numbers than necessary get connected (for example 4 threes), the added score gets multiplied.


MNUM2, the tile-matching puzzle game, uses depth first search algorithm to check if numbers connect. You don't have to create just lines... This is JavaScript implementation, so no installation, no plugins, just a good browser (including common mobile browsers). The game uses MOOPH module.

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